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What is Yonka-cho?
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‘욘카초 공통 주차권’ 가맹 주차장 지도
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The most vigorous shopping mall in  Japan, Sasebo Yonka-cho!

Sasebo Yonka-cho Shopping Mall is called as "the most vigorous shopping mall in Japan". Let's reveal the secrets of the mall!

What is Yonka-cho?
Sasebo Yonka-cho Shopping Mall includes four towns: Shim-anose-cho, Motoshima-cho, Kamikyo-machi, and Shimokyo-machi. The shopping Mall has four towns, that's why the mall is referred to as Yonka-cho ("Yon" means four in Japanese). The length of Yonka-cho Arcade is totally 516m. The total length of the Saruku City 4O3, where Yonka-cho Arcade and Sanka-cho Arcade are included, is surprisingly, 960m, almost 1 km. As a straight arcade mall, it is said to be the longest in Japan.

Sasebo is a place where Hamburger was  introduced.

Sasebo burger
Around 1950, an American culture symbol, "Hamburger" was introduced to Sasebo. One restaurant got a recipe of hamburger from US Navy and this has resulted in a proli-feration of hamburger restaurants near the base. Since then, "Hamburger" has been adapted Sasebo style and grown as the taste of Sasebo. The cookers of the Sasebo burger adhered to "home made style" to keep "the traditional taste of Sasebo", and now it is famous nationwide.
Near Yonka-cho, there are some restaurants serving the Sasebo burger. Check it out when you are hungry during town walking.

Have a look at a well-thought-out specialty of each shop.

The local specialty of  Yonka-cho
Shop owners made a campaign to select local specialty of Yonka-cho to make a customer satisfying products and shops. A special product only you can find at a specialized shop, a product which a shop keeper explains for customer's understanding, a product having a story of development, and so onノeach shops introduces its own specialty for customers.
mark on the map indicates a member of this campaign. Please ask their specialty at the member shop!


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