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What is Yonka-cho?
Yonka-cho Town Map
Yonbura Hiroba
Yearly Events
‘욘카초 공통 주차권’ 가맹 주차장 지도
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Yonka-cho information spot YONBURA HIROBA
Yonka-cho information spot YONBURA HIROBA

YONBURA HIROBA located at Motoshima-cho Docomo shop 2nd floor is an exchanging spot of people! You can find town event information, shopping information, tourist information,etc. There is also a studio of Sasebo community FM station "Happy! FM". Drop by here to have a break during shopping and sightseeing.

Sasebo Harbor City Project Studio

You may know but you may not realize the specialty of the town. There are some youths who are trying to expand a campaign for rediscovering treasures of this town. Their team name is "Sasebo Harbor City Project Studio". About 30 of students studying city planning, tourism, etc. at Nagasaki Prefectural University, Nagasaki International University, and Kyushu University gather with a determination to rediscover and uncover "Sasebo" from the view of unconventional youngsters. Please visit here to see Studio!
Sasebo Harbor City Project Studio Web site http://www.sasebo-minato.jp/

가족광장 욘부라코

Why don't you have a rest after shopping with your child? "Yonburako" is a place where parents and children can stop by and exchange information about childraising. You can utilize here for changing diapers, feeding, waiting for a friend with letting your child play, etc. Bringing a lunch box is also OK! Let's have a chat. Please come over!
Managed by NPO Empowerment of Children and Women, Rest spot for Parent and Child Yonburako governing board/ Independent Administrative Agency Welfare and Medical care "The foundation for long life, child raising, and handicap" subsidy program.
Rest spot for Parent and Child Yonburako
OPEN:Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 11:00-15:00
Registration fee 200 yen (per family) only for the first visit
Contact: 080-1730-0181 (Mobile) *Main target is infants and their guardians.

Information about Yonka-cho
Sasebo Yonka-cho Shopping Mall Cooperative Association 
TEL 0956-24-4411 http://www.yonkacho.com/

Tourist Information about Sasebo
Sasebo Tourist InformationCenter 
TEL 0956-22-6630 http://www.sasebo99.com/


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