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‘욘카초 공통 주차권’ 가맹 주차장 지도
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Yearly Events

Many unique events are held near Yonka-cho Shopping Mall through the year! Some of events are as follows:

1 January

Sasebo Hatsuuri is a famous bargain sale in Japan, which has a century tradition. From early in the morning of 2nd of January, the arcade bustles with many shoppers from both domestic and other cities at the peak time, 4 to 5 o'clock.

5 May
Golden children festival

During Golden week, many attractions for children such as arcade gallery of annual picture competition, hero shows, trampoline, and so on are held.

7 July
Tanabata Matsuri (Chinese summer festival)

The arcade is decorated with dreamy Tanabata ornaments and bright strips of colored paper inscribed with wishes. Also a lot of unique messages posted to the Tanabata message competition and works from the calligraphy competition are displayed.

8 August
Summer festival

You can spend a cool and enjoyable summer through Night Bazzar which shops open till late night for cool shopping, the beer garden at Shimanose Park, and nostalgic Retro games, etc.

10 October
YOSAKOI Sasebo festival

The biggest YOSAKOI festival in the western Japan. A lot of teams participate the festival from all over Japan. In the arcade, performers and audiences are so close that it is exciting. You mustn't miss it!

11-12 November - December
Kira Kira festival

One million illuminations lights up the city of Sasebo. At Shimanose Park, elaborate events entertain visitors. Christmas Markt selling Christmas goods, burgers, etc. are also popular. 5000 of citizens gather in the arcade at the Kira Kira big party and have a high feast.

*The detail of each event varies every year.


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